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Lawyering done differently

  • You want to create an action plan that will work to meet your goals.

  • You want to efficiently run and build your business, preparing for the future.

  • You want to better manage your family matters so you can live your life and breathe along the way.

  • You want answers to technical questions in everyday language.

John Vaughan can help you take your next steps forward, whether in business or in life, in a user-friendly fashion that will help you sleep at night.  He will listen to your vision, help you define where you need to go and then assist in moving things forward to reach your goals. If you hire him as your attorney, John will:

  • Consult with you, listen to your concerns, answer questions, and help you plan.

  • Give you advice as a seasoned legal and business professional who can help you see the big picture and can manage your process and the details for you.

  • Explain technical matters in a words you can understand while dealing with the complexities.

Based in Springfield, Missouri, and serving only a select and limited number of clients, attorney  John Vaughan's practice focuses on drafting, managing and reviewing all manner of business and estate planning documents, executing and overseeing complex transactions, and consulting and helping managing and build entities, both for-profit and non-profit.   He takes the technical work of managing your business, your non-profit, your estate planning, and your giving, and he manages the details to keep it simple for you.

John can assist you in wide array of legal matters and transactions, including the following:

  • He primarily practices in a wide range of business law matters, including contracts, internal policies and legal forms, transactions, and formation and management of business entities, including limited liability companies, corporations, nonprofits and more.

  • In addition, John has extensive experience in estate planning, planned giving, donor advised funds, charitable remainder trusts, endowments, wills, powers of attorney, and all manner of trusts, including both revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and charitable trusts.  

  • John has also served clients in the areas of entertainment law, municipal law, real estate law, landlord-tenant law, traffic law, and has overseen and managed the litigation strategy of expert attorneys across the nation, primarily in the areas of commercial bankruptcy, commercial foreclosure, and employment law.

  • John has also served several companies as corporate counsel, worked remotely in an offsite capacity, serving businesses that desire legal representation and services but recognize the value of contracting with a qualified attorney offsite instead of committing onsite office space and financial resources.

Imagine a lawyer who will come alongside and offer:

  • A personal, informal approach

  • Practical legal advice

  • Simple billing and online payment

  • Easy communications

  • Easy-to-understand language

  • Quick and efficient work

John Vaughan is the attorney who will  help you launch your startup, build and grown your business, develop and manage your will, trust and estate matters, process contracts and complex transactions, creatively give and retire through tax-efficient transactions, and help you plan a legacy of giving that will survive long after you are gone.

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startups and formations

When you have a business idea and need help figuring out your next steps, John can help.  When you find that investor or partner who wants to step into your  business to help it grow, John can put together the paperwork to make it work.  He can advise, help you plan, file paperwork and provide any additional  documents to make it all happen.

estate planning, wills and trusts

You have worked to build wealth and create a firm foundation for your family.  In the event something happens to you, what happens next?  Maybe you want to make sure your spouse and children are taken care of, or maybe you want to create a charitable legacy. Regardless, John can create the documents to put your plan in place.

Non-profit organizations

You want to do good, and you have realized you might need a nonprofit.  It's not as easy as it seems, especially when the IRS gets involved. You might need a little help.  John can form your nonprofit, consult on your startup process, and then work with you to help you manage day-to-day details.

contracts and  transactions

Every business owner lands in a moment where they need a lawyer to review contracts or oversee a complex transaction. John is well versed in dealing with these types of transactions.  Every business needs a lawyer they can call when they have legal questions. Many local businesses rely on him and call when the time comes.

limited liability companies

For many business owners, protection of personal assets is a concern.  A limited liability company can provide protection while operating like a partnership or corporation.  John can help you form an LLC, find a CPA to manage taxation, and put together all of the paperwork to help you start a business that protects your personal assets.

planned giving and charitable giving

The IRS allows all kinds of creativity in giving away appreciated assets while holding onto income streams, avoiding capital gains tax, and getting deductions along the way.  If you have appreciated assets and a heart to give, let John help you give in the most advantageous manner.

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